Fearless: the Governance Wizards (GWiz™)

 The G in GRC™

Governance, Risk, and Compliance tools are widespread in the marketplace, and increasingly integrate with enterprise technologies for efficient automation. This is great to see.

But these tools lack a critical component. The G in GRC™

Governance is the action and manner of conducting the policy, actions, and affairs of an organization.

This is a human process.

Governance is a control system by which the owners control the board, the board controls the CEO, and the CEO controls the actions of the enterprise. Effective control requires 4 things:

  • (1) Sensors - humans to observe what's going on,
  • (2) Actuators - humans to affect change when appropriate,
  • (3) Decision-making - humans determine actions to take, and
  • (4) Communications between these humans.
Fearless provides the Governance Wizard (GWiz™), a SaaS environment supported by expert advisors who help specify, implement, and verify, a human-centric governance control system for the enterprise.

GWiz™ supports efficient and effective governance across multiple entities within the enterprise, at all desired levels of management, integrated with internal audit for verification, and with portfolio management and progress tracking to support change as the enterprise adapts over time.

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The G in GRC™